My name is George Hatcher. I am an independent corporate advisor/ consultant/ strategist in the field of aviation litigation.

The pilots we work with are here by invitation only, based on the level of their experience. If you are an experienced pilot and are interested in joining our reference team, please use the contact page and we will begin our evaluation process.

We are very active in airline mishap litigation. We and our partner law firms have the experts for court testimony, that's not what I'm looking for. I want to have the ability to send an email to a pilot who flies a 737 or a 747 and question him/her about a particular case I am considering recommending that the firm take on, or I may have questions about a case we already have. This may involve sending the pilot the NTSB report or other reports we have and ask for an unofficial opinion. I'm not only interested in 737 and 747 pilots, I'm also interested in others, including small aircraft.

Everything we talk about is highly confidential; your advice/opinions/conclusions will never be used outside our offices. We need pilots like yourself as a research tool that is readily available. In return we can work out an hourly fee or whatever may work for you. You will not get rich off this consulting but it could turn out to be a good connection for your use in other matters. Relationships can be everything.

At my request, one of the attorneys at our office has prepared a non-disclosure agreement that will protect persons we work with, such as yourself, and our firm, with privacy issues. This document will also include, clearly, that the person working with us has no liability whatsoever in the advice given us. You can view the agreement text here.

If the agreement is acceptable and you are interested in taking this further, please use the following link:
Please register here to apply and obtain your personalized copy of the non-disclosure agreement. After we receive a copy with your signature, we will add you to our list of contacts.

With kind regards,

George Hatcher