My name is George Hatcher. I am not a lawyer but am an independent corporate advisor/consultant/strategist.

I am never at a loss for words, but sometimes even I need expert opinions. I know this sounds redundant, but getting expert opinions requires actual experts on hand. For this reason, we set up our library of confidential experts. The name of the page has brought an influx of individuals curious about the name.

So here is the rest of the explanation: I talk to experts in order to get informed. For example, I talk to pilots, off the record, to educate myself about a particular plane and/or event. These live references help me render the best recommendation for a particular project. I am constantly becoming more expert myself because of my access to pilots. These experts are not limited to pilots. Our experts include flight attendants, mechanics, photographers, airport personnel, etc...

Perhaps you have come here because you came across the website mentioned somewhere. Perhaps I or one of my Anonymous Experts team invited you to be one of our experts. If that's the case, welcome here, my friend; we look forward to working with you.

With kind regards,

George Hatcher